Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Real Implementation of The Gold Dinar Economy


1. Introduction
2. Issues of the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham
3. Elements of a Gold Dinar economy
4. Conclusion

We are indeed living at a very interesting era in human history. We are now at a moment in time which can be said to be on a threshold of an economic Armageddon of unprecedented proportion! It is looming in the horizon and the full impact of which; majority of today’s world population either choose not to know and come to terms with it before the tragedy of mankind begin to seriously affect our life on planet earth or as you are now present in this forum of the people; come together to share our thoughts to see what can be done to salvage our fate if we are not already too late!

What is interesting to note that despite having identified that the main problem of this economic debacle was brought about by the breaking down of the system upon which the Capitalist methodology lies at it’s very foundation i.e. Capitalist ideology and the institutions that formed part of the system namely Paper Currency and the Banking & Finance System – all the solution proposals made thus far were merely remedies of the same nature and mechanism that are still within these Capitalist methodologies too! In our Bahasa Malaysia we have one very apt proverb ‘Mencurah garam ke laut!’![1] I.e An effort bound to be wasted for how can such solutions be a credible solution! To my mind; if you had admitted that the Capitalist system is faulty; surely the solution will be to replace the system with a different kind of system! Economic jargon such as ‘stimulus fiscal package’ or ‘ bailing out of private companies ’using Capitalist methodology of ‘nationalisation’ will merely add to the ‘disaster brew’ that is already doomed to fail! Well I am not in this forum to discuss about their Capitalist methodology of economic recovery as there are so many already have spoken on this subject matter[2]. To my mind the world at large and if THEY are serious in providing a ‘real solution’ then they MUST think of creating a NEW SYSTEM. My contention is that THEY were not really serious in providing the answer but it was a solution to – ‘merely drive the sheep into their stable’! They do have an ultimate goal and their goal is to be the ‘Sheppard’ of us --the ‘lambs and sheep’ deemed to knows next to nothing about how to govern ourselves! We are the ‘GOYYIM’ and they the ruling class the ‘THE GENTILES’ ruling over us! We shall loss our ‘sovereignty’ of our individual country into their hands. The New World Order herald in my opinion the two main actors ‘ USA’and ‘UK’ will soon be brought to bear and Israel will be the ‘KING’ ruling from Jerusalem over all of mankind. This final chapter is closing in on us whether we like it or not! Towards achieving this end, we the ‘Goyyim’ population of the world will pretty soon suffer irreversible fate in the hands of our new masters ; initially through deceptive strategy of ‘humanism’ – putting all religious believes into one corner and on one platform ; levelling all religious believes into ‘one pot of stew’-‘religious believers’ is but ‘ the OPIUM for the mind’! Let there be no religion thus NO GOD!

So skilful is our purportedly ‘New World Order Masters’ in their ‘deceptive’ long term strategy that the result is now unfolding in front of our eyes that all humanity is bought by the unprecedented economic prosperity based on ‘bubble’ economy - whereby the Banking System and Finance afforded the maxim of ‘credit creation out-of-thin air’; the worthless paper currencies replaced the ‘barbaric relic’ of barter trade of exchange and the use of gold and silver coins! The prosperity of the last few decades touches all of us on this planet earth today that we all wish that this economic turbulence is short-lived and that it is part of ‘every-ten-yearly-cycle’ nothing more! We all want to believe that don’t we? The present powers in the world are not interested in finding a ‘credible’ solution for the world but they were more interested in ‘rounding us – all nations in the world into their governing hands’! The G-20 Summit meeting held on 15th April 2009 had already submitted their case towards this end! [3]

As a Muslim, I like to give my own personal analysis and view which may or may not be shared by others. It is my learned believe that the phenomenon named as ‘Dajjal’ as told to the Muslims by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW or the ; ‘False Messiah’ as told to the Christians has now come into our time zone! The Muslims ; the Christians and the Jews were told by our Prophets of the coming of this age ! We, the people of the ‘religion of the sammawat (sky)’ – had been prophesied hundreds of years ago of the coming of this era and thus if we were to go back to our Holy scriptures; the signs and warnings are all there in verses of these immutable books of Allah SWT if they were not being subjected to corruption in the hands of their own believers! The Holy Quran claims that Allah SWT Himself guarded the verses in the Holy Quran and thus it is the only Holy Book of Allah SWT that had not been tampered by any human hands however good their intentions were[4]!

The sayings of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Holy Quran have prophesied that the ‘Dajjal’ is a ‘one-eyed’ devil – metaphorically meaning they only have one god i.e the material god. A look at the New World Order ‘eye’ symbol is truly ‘one-eyed’ eh ? Well it is there for all of us to see; their symbolism is a ‘one-eyed’ on top of the pyramid in a one-dollar USD bill and this symbolism is evident all over the place. They shall rule the world over us in a period of forty years – it had already started by us accepting at first the British Sterling Pound ; then the USD paper currencies since 1971 to date is now 38 years! This part of the intelligent interpretation of our times had been done most eloquently by the learned Sheikh Abdal Qadir As Sufi as well as by my dear teacher –Sheikh Imran Hosein in their various books[5]. The ‘day like your day…’[6] when we shall face the real ‘Dajjal’ in person is certainly drawing very close ! Could not we see with ‘both our eyes’ that the conquest of the world had been done most skilfully through the use of paper currencies mechanism as well as the Banking and Finance mechanism? The use of USD as the world reserve currency and the phenomenal ‘creation of credit’ through the Banking and Finance System of ‘fractional reserve policy’ practised all over the world literally means that the whole world is already accepting ‘Dajjal-in-waiting’ with the help of their two close allies – termed by our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW as ‘Yajjuj’ and ‘Majjuj’! These two mechanism i.e the use of currencies with no ‘intrinsic value’ coupled with the Banking and Finance System under the ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ formulation are but the practice of ‘RIBA or USURY’ as clearly stated in all the Holy Books of the Jews ; the Christians; and the Muslims. All believers of these three religion should have bounded together to reject this practise. However alas! We the people of the world in the last four decades followed ‘them’ all the way! This leads to the fulfilment of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW prophesy that the time will come when everyone on planet earth will be engulf in the practise of ‘Riba or usury[7]!’ The Jews were the first perpetrators for the practise of ‘Riba or usury’[8]!

To the Muslims especially; it has now become obvious the piece of puzzlement[9] from the time of the death of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW – just the last five days before His death, the real meaning and significance of the last verse of the Quran

“ Oh You if you are indeed true believers! Rid yourself of riba! And Know that if you do not ( do so) ; Allah SWT and His Prophet declare WAR! Onto you”- The Holy Quran.Chapter Al Baqarah Verse 278 &279.

The time has now arrived or just about time when the money USD is now about to fall into disgrace only to be replaced by the new regional currencies! To begin with is AMERO. A New World Order currency is now here….just waiting in the side wings ready to be launched! Under the New World Order, the whole world was divided into 10 regions. With the control over currencies and making it whether ‘regional’ or ‘single’ currencies; we now understand that our each individual country ‘sovereignty’ is now slowly beginning to be passed into the hands of the Central Powers – call it IMF and the World Bank! Soon USD will be made to demise and so too the Ruling State Power will be shifted from USA to another Central Power – centered no doubt in Israel as prophesised by our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW!

The Muslims since the fall of our last Caliphate in 1924 [10]or a bit earlier ; We have come a full cycle into their ambit – we had denounced the gold dinar and silver dirham as well as other commodities specified in our Syariah[11] as our Syariah currencies ; we had - though somewhat reluctantly agreed to replacing it with their paper currencies. With such denouncement we have embraced the Capitalist ideology replacing our Syariah laws in the fiqh of muamalah! Even Islamic Banking and Finance is but a pseudo- Syariah solution and it is but yet another ‘deceptive’ system of Banking and Finance specially for the unsuspecting Muslim Ummah practising ‘fractional reserve banking’ formulation right up to the present times[12]. Their system of laws to the cry of democracy with constitutional laws and parliamentary democracy governs the modern day society today collapses our Syariah based polity as well as the Roman Catholic Church to the point of no recognition since 1789[13]! The Muslims of today are devoid of the understanding of their ‘muamalah’ as aptly portrayed by the confession of an alim in Malaysia to me personally:

“ we the ulama’ have left the field of muamalah for hundreds of years now; it is analogous to us finding ourselves in a thick forest; we ourselves are lost in it how then to guide others? !”

What I am trying to say is that ; to us Muslim ummah in particular, with the immutable ‘kitabullah – Al Quran Nul Karim’ in our hands; this moment in time in our mankind history is a ‘defining moment’[14]! The Holy Quran has specific instructions to the Muslim ummah about how to address them to face this time period ! I know of no one person what more of several(if any) in this age today who have spoken loud and clear as the Sheikh of The Murabitun group – Sheikh Abdul Qadir As Sufi and his prodigy – Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo who is also The Chairman of World Islamic Mint (WIM) and also Chairman of World Islamic Trade Organisation (WITO)[15] – on this subject matter. Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo was reported to have said ‘the resurrection of the gold dinar economy is the single most important socio-political event in this century; it is a defining moment for the Muslims especially’ said Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo; ‘Allah SWT is defining from amongst the Muslims themselves the category of the –“Munafiqun” and the “Mu’minun”!. The ‘Munafiqun’ will say to themseves that – ‘oh! This is merely some economic cycle that happens every decade!’ But the “Mu’minun” will welcome this period as the launching board to come back to the call of Allah SWT who declared “WAR”[16]! Onto the Muslims adherents themselves for perpetuating this activity of ‘riba’!”

Our whole world is now engulfed with what is termed as ‘riba’ or usury mechanism – the use of paper currencies as well as the Banking and Financial systems ! This is aptly portrayed by the prophesies of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW in famous sayings[17] “ There will come a time when riba or usury shall be practised all over the world and that the Muslims will imitate the ‘Kuffar’ – the Disbelievers step-by-step ‘into the lizards hole’[18]! Is not Islamic Banking and Finance doing just this? The Capitalist have a ‘bank’; we too have an ‘Islamic Bank’; the Kuffar have an Insurance company; we too have a ‘Takaful Insuarance’; the Kuffar have ‘Bonds and shares’ ; we Muslims too have ‘Islamic Sukuk and Syariah compliant Shares’ traded in ‘Stock Exchanges’ , we too have our own ‘Islamic Stock Markets’ with ‘Islamic counters’ traded in them! We, Muslims of this era are practising ‘Islamic Capitalism’ to the core with no qualms and May Allah SWT help us because I am very sure most of us; including myself at one time before; am one of the propagators too! We have to find a solution which is totally different from the Capitalist ideology and methodology if we are truly interested in finding a solution for our humanity in this decade! Capitalism is now dead and what are our choices if any that is truly wholesome that have far reaching effect on our soceity?

By now we can conclude that only the religion of Islam which is actually the only religion with Allah SWT confirming all other revealed books of Allah SWT that was revealed earlier to the Prophets of Allah SWT – from Prophet Adam as; to Prophet Daud as ( Prophet acknowledged by the Jews); to Prophet Jesus ( or Prophet Isa as acknowledged by the Christians) to Prophet Muhammad SAW – all of them messengers of the word of Allah SWT culminating in the the immutable Al Quran Nul Karim can provide a wholesome solution! Allah Hu Akbar! The Muslims and even the world ummah – Believers and Non-Believers – are now looking up to Islam for solution. The only ways that will Insya Allah bring back the ‘sovereignty’ or ‘Dawlah’[19] that had been robbed by the ‘Dajjal’ and their cohorts –Yajjuj and Majjuj!! In this forum we are beginning to attempt to make this effort Insya Allah.

2.0 Issues of the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham
We must begin by first discussing the issues surrounding the implementation of the gold based economy because this understanding will lead us to the elements that must be in place in such economy. Some of the main issues are :
2.1 Many residence of today world; all over the world have reached out to gold and silver as a protector of their wealth in this period of uncertain turbulent times. True to our natural human greed; each one of us considers only our immediate family and close-ones ; never mind others! As such, generally one finds that despite there being many calls for the public urging them to purchase or convert their holdings of paper currencies (esp. USD holdings) into gold and silver or other commodities or items of value; there were literally no calls or efforts towards creating a new gold and silver-based system as an alternative to the present worthless paper currencies in circulation and a system of payment as an alternative to the present Capitalist system that was acknowledged worldwide to be faulty!. Because of this, the world as a whole are not quite ready to jump into any system of payment based on gold and silver in any parts of the world!
2.2 The world today witness those who like to use this opportunity to exploit the unsuspecting public or as the famous idiom said ‘lets make hay whilst the sun shines’! Why not in this age of ‘survival of the fittest’ – Charles Darwin. We see many groups minting gold dinar coins and selling them like hot cakes; making fortune through ‘premiums added into the pricing of such coins’ and of course spurred by the price hike of these metals. Have you not heard of multi-level pyramid schemes and other scams involving worthless ‘Iraqi Dinars’ ? What about selling gold coins using multilevel-pyramid schemes. Whilst all these attempts may be good so long as they were converting their paper currencies into gold; and the investors are now converting their savings into gold bullions and coins; it is however cannot be used in circulation as monetary units. Why? Because there are no standardised uniform gold coins and silver coins that are regulated by a central body! Thus the question about acceptability for use in trade is going to be troublesome as one coin minted by one company to another minted by yet another company will differ not merely in terms of denomination; pricing; weights of gold in each coins but also that the coins pricing is not homogenous. E.g. Company A produces their gold coins say 917 karat and another company minted 999 karat gold; not merely that, even if both minted 999 karat coins, pricing policies will make the coins priced differently because of company policy but more crucial – coins sold for investments were normally not homogenous! Two coins of half Dinars price is not equivalent to one coin of one Dinar. This is because the cost of minting a half-Dinar coins is the same as cost of minting a one-Dinar coins. Thus a half-Dinar coins with gold content half the amount of one-Dinar coins but the cost of minting is the same. This makes the coins non-homogenous! As such, ease of exchange becomes troublesome and thus this will not help in making these coins to be use as monetary units for circulation in the society again.
2.3 In our Syariah; exchanges between gold to gold must be of equal weight[20]! Meaning that when used for exchanges; coins of 917 karat and coins of 999 karat when making exchanges between the coins will be regarded as the same. We all know that coins of 917 karat are worth less than 999 karat because the gold content in 999 karat is more than 917 karat. This means that in the matter of exchangeability between the coins is going to benefit some quarter’s whist another one will suffer! Again, if the prices of minted coins differ from one company to another; how can there be trade using exchanges in gold and silver coins?
2.4 Then there is the question of a regulatory body to uniform the exchanges using gold and silver coins. The government of almost all countries in the world today without exception are all not even attempting to come back to even ‘gold-standard’ or ‘gold-backed currencies’! Well, we can understand too well the reasons for this. In the present Capitalist world; the reluctance of government to come back to even ‘gold-backed currencies’ will mean drastic curtailing of their ‘power’ over us! Why would they want to come into a strict regiment of not being able to issue new paper currencies with the restrictions of a gold-backed currency? They had been so used to printing new notes whenever they like anyway; and the society of rich Capitalist Oligarchy that are the buttress of such Capitalist system as we all know - we are so used to be in a ‘bubble’ economy and that the Capitalist system helps to bring about prosperity even if at the expense their own citizen who does not even realise that they had been cheated out-of-their-own-pockets anyway!
What I want to state here is that; issues of implementing the gold dinar economy is not something that any government will want to embrace so readily. Issues regarding the bringing back of the gold dinar economy is not normally readily understood by many quarters however sincere their intentions maybe. Above all natural human greed may complicate the issues further. In this paper, I must humbly admit that I am not a qualified person to address the real implementation of the Gold Dinar economy and what I had attempted here is to merely state some of the main issues that may encompass it. I believe Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo who is present amongst us in this assembly is more capable than me to deliberate on this matter. Nevertheless; I shall attempt to share with you my thoughts from my readings of his books and the work of several people in this forum. Perhaps I am a better narrator and orator than him for he is a true doer and an implementator second to none in this difficult age. It also portrayed how confusing we are here in history standing in this era trying to comprehend about what we should do for the benefit of our ummah – Muslims and none Muslims. Solutions to the present day debacle are many and varied. It is only my own personal view that in the real implementation of the gold Dinar economy; it is nothing short of implementing the full Syariah Muamalah according to the Al Quran and Sunnah Rasullullah SWT. Nevertheless, the key elements of the real gold dinar economy need to be in place and if at all this paper is of some use; it is a paper that attempt to put key elements in a comprehensive manner for layman to understand Insya Allah. Whether we like to acknowledged it or otherwise, we are now in this age whereby even our learned religious scholars; banking and finance professionals sired under Capitalist ideology and methodology; professors of finance and economy at universities preaching even Islamic Banking will feel intimidated; practitioners of consultancies find themselves confused; challenged and angry at being ‘cheated’; intellectually debased…..etc! If one is not sincere in embracing this change; one will merely ignore the whole idea and thus be of the group that Allah SWT as far as the Muslims are concerned decry of ‘Munafiqun’! Where; let us be reminded that the place for this category of Muslims in the hell fire is an even lower level than the ‘Kuffar’ or the Disbelievers !! Wallu hu a’lam. We need to leave to Allah SWT to be the judge and not judge others because we were not tasked to give judgement upon others!.
The only credible solution for us Muslim ummah is to go back to adhering the Syariah in the field of ‘Muamalah’ totally according to “The ‘amal’ ( practise) of the people of Madinatul Munawwarah ( the city of lights or the illumination city)”! Unless and until we returned to the Muamalah as practised here as close as possible; we shall not find the solution that we are looking for! Our Model of ‘Muamalah’ it’s meaning alone determined that the scope encompasses an even more wider scope than the term ‘economy’ definition that the Capitalist ideology propagate. Our Syariah branch of ‘Muamalah’ law encompasses not merely the business and economic aspect of a society but also inclusive of ‘Akhlaq’ or simple translation is ‘ behaviour and moral aspect’ according to the Syariah. Muamalah principles of ‘fiqh’ as contained in the ‘Al Muwatta’ of Imam Malik is needed to be studied at Universities so as to ensure that our ‘amal’ or practise of Muamalah in our day-to-day transaction is alive again which had formerly been destroyed by the Capitalist ideology of the past century. Again we are very much lacking in people who can understand the ‘Muamalah fiqh’ which in our religion encompasses two-third of our daily living guidance[21]!

3.0 Elements of a Gold Dinar economy
In this paper, I attempt to identify the elements of implementing the gold dinar economy into several areas which to my mind it have to be in place. These are as follows :
3A: The Matters concerning standardising; minting of the coins and systemising the Payment System
3.A-1 Minting of the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham
The need to have a universally accepted ‘standard’ amongst at least the Muslim nations cannot be given greater importance. The Muslims and non-Muslims must be able to accept an ‘accepted’ or ‘acknowledged authority’ in minting a universal coinage for the coins of gold and silver to be able to be use in circulation again. Without some form of universal standard; this will be next to impossible and will allow black-marketers to take advantage when our economy fails and efforts to bring back gold dinar as an alternative currency will meet with insurmountable difficulties. Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo and his company – The World Islamic Mint or WIM is in the forefront in this effort. Parties minting the coins I am advocating to be affiliated with WIM. This is so that a uniform standard of gold coins is in circulation for easy recognition and thus acceptance, Not merely this but there will be control over the ‘security features’ –to safeguard against imitation and other forms of corruption – also very important consideration so as to ensure that the gold coins are not only accepted locally but amongst member WIM countries as well as Internationally. Coins of Dinar and Dirham in the state of Kelantan have joined WIM and so it shall comply to this standard of WIM whereby one side of the coin already bears WIM logo and the flip side of the coins can carry the particular state or country that mint the coins.
The importance of this matter cannot be overemphasised here as; if we are banded under one authority –WIM; this company have the prerequisites to standardise not mere the coins but memberships to WIM will entailed protection for ‘security’ features – very important aspects as fake coins of gold and silver will soon appear in the market; policy of pricing to make the coins ‘homogeneous’ and thus tradable for exchanges and thus the coins can function as monetary units. Not merely that; the gold and silver management is best when it was done as a credible ‘force’ to outwit the current monopoly of these metals in the hands of who else? but the powers that control LME( London Metal Exchange)! We shall re-established the coinage using the traditional coinage of our Islamic era even though we Muslims only started to mint our own coins 71 years after Hijrah – I.e during the time of Khalifah Malek bin Marwan[22].
The fact that there are many parties trying to mint the dinar and dirham and some are already quarrelling over the coinage 999 karat and 917 karat gold coins and also there are parties who cannot accept WIM for reasons best known to themselves goes to show how intense and fierce is the competition not withstanding our common enemy is already at the door! I like to call upon all parties concern with a suggestion that we banded together under WIM and that the market share to implement the system of payment is too large a cake to be eaten alone! Let there be the feeling of brotherhood in Islam for this great event of the century and know that we have all Allah SWT stern warning of ‘WAR’! on our back and the risk of dying as an enemy of Allah SWT if we do not fraternise to fight this activity of Riba or usury!
Of course the other parts of the world are using other forms of denomination eg Kruggerand uses ‘ounces’ and we in the Muslim world uses the equivalent of ‘grams’. However the convertibility on the International market is that 8 pieces of Gold Dinar is equivalent to 1 piece of 1 ounce of Kruggerand. This is acceptable when used in International exchange to facilitate trade between nations using ounces and grams as their denominators. WIM shall bring the members under the bigger scope of payment system not merely just minting the physical coins. WIM have already in place the internet-enabled payment system that once the local physical coinage is in place; local network of ‘Wakalahs’ will replace the banking system Insya Allah! This will later or simultaneously be linked to the e-payment system thus addressing the matter globally all at once Insya Allah. Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo have already the e-payment system in place and currently; his have more than five million account holders to boot! Congratulations Prof Umar! So, you see implementing the gold dinar economy is not very far fetch as some people thought. It is possible and viable Insya Allah.
3A.2 The Authority of the Gold and Silver Coins.
This element is a key element in bringing back the circulating of gold and silver coins. Although to ‘mint’ the coins can be undertaken by any private enterprise or individual collaborating with WIM for ‘universality’ of the coins; in our Syariah the matter concerning ‘monetary units’ ; weights and measures are amongst the seven(7) matters that a ruler of a state need to address[23]. As such this is to do with ‘sovereignty’ or ‘governance’. In The Holy Quran Chapter Al Ar’raf verse 7 [24]mentioned only once in the Holy Quran lies the key to bringing back the ‘sovereignty’ or ‘Dawlah’ of Islam! Do you know that the word ‘Dulah’ is a derivative word of ‘dawlah’ in Arabic language which means ‘sovereignty’ but it also have another meaning -‘circulation’? This means that the Holy Quran is pointing to us that the ‘sovereignty’ of Islam can only be brought about when the gold dinar and silver dirham are in ‘circulation’[25]!! The Muslim’s empire at one time known as the ‘Caliphate’ – our long lost legacy as the Islamic nation state can only be revived through the use of gold and silver coins as monetary units again! Herein lies the answer to the Muslim debacle of bringing back Islam and of the rule of Allah SWT in the world again!. If I may add, no other form of strategy is more defining ; more potent in their vigour of bringing about a systematic change in the confused and deceptive world today than the bringing back of the use of the so-called ‘barbaric relic’ of the past and a system of barter trade too even in this technology based world today. It had been the tradition of our Islamic coins to have the logo of the Head of the Sovereign state minted on the coins not merely just any design. It is very fitting indeed that the ‘circulating’ of money with intrinsic value – gold; silver and other commodities- mentioned in the famous hadith[26] - i.e inclusive of four other forms of commodities – wheat; barley; dates; even salt and to this list may also be added –rice and some might even add ‘sugar’ to be used as the monetary units of exchange again! for only then can there be justice on this earth! Allah Hu Akbar! To bring back the ‘Dawlah’ or ‘Sovereignty’ of Islam we need to resurrect the role of the Head of such ‘Sovereign’ again. Our Caliphate can only be resurrected once the ‘Syariah politi’ as against the present day politics of the Capitalist - rhetoric of democracy; constitutional laws and parliamentary role be replaced eventually[27]! It is outside the scope of this forum to be discussing more into this matter. It is enough to conclude that to function as monetary units alongside or as an alternative to the present paper currency; the coins need to have a ‘minting authority’ apart from ‘standardisation authority’! Though this maybe one and the same for countries or state with no Sultanate; we the Muslim ummah have a bigger agenda. Our agenda is not secret because it is well known that ‘money’ and ‘sovereignty’ runs concurrently. Countries; state; locality starting to mint the coins after having accepted the ‘standardisation authority’ will have to see the bigger picture of bringing back ‘sovereignty’ of the country; state; locality. This is very important because it had been our tradition that the coinage relates to the local governance be it the Sultan; Head of State; Head of Republic etc.
3A.3 The System of Payment as an alternative to the System of Payment using the paper currency.
The matter of using and circulating the metallic monetary units cannot use the same system as the paper currency. This is also another matter that needed to be addressed. The physical coins being of ‘intrinsic’ value and physically have ‘weights’ much more than when we are handling paper currencies require a different system altogether. Unless we are merely reviving a ‘gold standard’ or ‘gold-backed’ paper currencies; this matter of the need for a different system will not arise. This is because; for a ‘gold-backed’ or ‘gold standard’ currencies, the specie is still paper and thus it is a similar in nature to the present system. Under this system, the ‘gold’ is normally vaulted at the Central Bank. However; we here are discussing about the use of gold and silver coins specie. Using physical metallic coins involve logistics and handling of a different nature altogether. It also requires a totally different system of bookkeeping and accounting altogether. For one, the use of metallic monetary units cannot and will not be able to accommodate the present banking and finance system of ‘fractional reserve’ formulation! Thus all at once this phenomenon of ‘credit creation out –of-thin-air’ cannot coexist at all! how can you create gold coins out of nowhere ?! Thus one can see that using specie monetary units all at once cut out Capitalism ideology at it’s base! Now can you quite comprehend why will ‘THEY’ ( New World Order) want ‘US’ – the people of the world to come back to the use of monetary specie of gold and silver ever again ? Thus we can now understand the ‘deceptive strategy’ been adopted to lure us from the duties of our religion?
The use of specie monetary currencies like gold and silver; we need to be in a ‘real economy’ not a ‘bubble economy’ that was perpetrated by the paper currencies and the Capitalist ideology. For our gold dinar economy; we need to have a system of institutions called ‘Wakalah’ or ‘Agencies’ in place of the ‘banks’ in the Capitalist banking system. These ‘Wakalah’ is merely appointed agencies of the state to handle the system of accounts for the account holders. Under this system, the operators are ‘entrusted agents’ to safekeep your gold snd silver coins for you and for such service; a ‘service fee’ will be charged for the upkeep of our accounts records; transfers and also for the safe-keeping of the coins held. According to Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo who already have such system of recording ‘Wakalah’ in place; these ‘Wakalah’shall at a later stage or once the infrastructure is in place; shall link this local system network to the ‘e-dinar and e-dirham- the internet-based payment system’ that is already currently in place. Once this is done; trade between countries in the world are with an alternative system based entirely on metallic gold and silver specie and a system of payment that will not ‘expend’ the monetary base into mere electronic beeps and dashes but no real value as what is happening in the Capitalist world today! Trade and business can then be expand between countries and the richness of wealth is ‘real’ not ‘bubble’!
Again what I can see is serious competition between IT-based experts trying to grapple with this new needs once the system of gold and silver economy is in and most will want to meet up the challengers of providing solutions to this need. I like to voice a word of caution to those operators of this solution-based IT provider. They must comply to the need of exchanges between accountholders locally and internationally instantly to comply with the Syariah requirement of exchange of payments in gold to gold must be ‘hand-to-hand’! In the Capitalist system of Banking and Finance; this matter is of no importance and we bankers operators used to make placing of liquid ‘cash’ in over-night money market to earn ‘interest’ for our organisation i.e bank! Even the Islamic Banking fraternity is guilty of such placing of liquid cash in over-night Islamic Instruments Money Market by buying so-called ‘Syariah compliant’ short-term papers to earn ‘profits’? for our Islamic Banking institution eh ?. This aspect is very crucial to our system and may easily be overlooked or compromised without the public understanding that such system does not comply to our Syariah requirement! Not merely that, even if there are other IT-Solution based out there who were non-Muslims and managed to start their own system; of our common consideration is the fact that in the new gold-based economic system one must make sure that the replication of ‘creating credit’ in the system does not happened otherwise the repeat of ‘bubble’ economy will again hatch even under the gold-based economy.
Other IT-based enablers solutions that will enable our public convenience that are even more efficient than the present Capitalist system that can and is now being discussed for implementation are `such as debit cards ; even mobile phone transaction can be done successfully in this age of technology based society for the gold-based specie economy that we want to come back to. Insya Allah! This effort will all at once dispel the critics that cannot imagine that the use of gold and silver specie as our modern day currency to be next to impossible! Yes! We can provided that we fraternise to make this possible!

3B: The Market Place
3B.1 The Holy Quran Chapter Al Baqarah Verse 275[28]:
‘…but Allah hath permitted TRADE and forbidden USURY…!.’
In this verse Allah SWT have make it abundantly clear to us that the way of coming out of the practise of riba or usury is to allow for trade to florish! This is the way out of this economic debacle that we are facing today! It is foolish to print more paper money to ‘bail-out’ bad companies what more to use ‘Public Savings’ to buy up these badly managed organisations as the current Capitalist World Leaders are suggesting. A ‘bail-out’ will essentially mean billions and trillions of ‘credit-created-out-of-thin-air’ money will be created and once these translate into printing of more and more paper currencies ; we shall be facing a hyper-inflation economy very soon! Now, we can begin to see how ‘deceptive’ the Capitalist ideology is!
Again in another Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW - ‘ 9 out of ten “rezk”i is from trade[29]’! Yet again Allah SWT and His Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is directing us to flourish the trading activities. Indeed when we study the history; our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW when he and his followers migrated from Mecca to Madinah in the historical event called the ‘Hijrah’; the first act that he did was to build the Mosque and the second thing he did was to open a market place![30] I am sure there was already a market place already in Madinah at that time. Why did the Holy Prophet make a new Market Place? Well my own opinion is that the Muslim Market place that the Holy Prophet SAW make was to be on a different policy altogether from those existing ones at that time in Madinah[31]. The practice in this market place is like that of a mosque – i.e that anyone who comes in early will have the choice of the best part of the mosque[32] and that the market place cannot be monopolised by anyone at all! The Market place is a very fair place for all traders to display and sell their goods and services. This Market Place is not restricted to only the Muslims! It is open to all – Muslims and non-Muslims and all will be treated fairly! Some of the standard features in operating the market place is that there are many traders and many customers[33] and that the traders are also a customer to each other in the market. Compare this to the Capitalist Market – the Supermarket and Hypermarket where there is only one trader (The Hypermarket/ Supermarket owner who monopolies the trade!) and many customers! This single observation alone address to the kind of ‘deception’ this Capitalist system had portrayed to us in a most foul manner! Ask any Capitalist economies and he/she will tell you that the most ideal manner of trade is to increase the ‘velocity’ of trade – meaning that an ideal situation is whereby the traders themselves are the customer/consumer of goods and services in the market place and thus the frequency by which money is used in the Market place will ensure the ‘circulation’ of wealth amongst the people. Not merely that; if we have a healthy economy whereby 90% of our society comprised of people in business in trade instead of the present Capitalist system wherein our society comprised of merely 30% or even less are engaged in trade and businesses - one can imagine the prosperity that the society will be in at that moment in the future Insya Allah! Our society presently are indeed in a state of ‘GOYYIM’ status that the New World Order have successfully made us into ! That is why the Capitalist ideology preached the exact opposites! Ever you wonder why?
Clearly one can begin to understand that what we need to come out of our economic crisis is not ‘government’ intervention through ‘nationalisation’ or ‘take-over’ of private ownership into the control of government and manipulation of the monetary units by the mechanism of first - the ‘rate of interest’ to control liquidity in the market then in the name of wanting to better the economic situation, the parliament approved of new money creation fund – Billions and Trillions of new money being created out of nowhere in the form of “bailout- rescue mission” purportedly to avert bigger disaster as well as aids in the form of ‘fiscal stimulus’!! Once the hyper-inflation sets in; the New World Order will provide what will be hailed as ‘THE SOLUTION’. The world ‘HAVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND ADMIT THAT IT NEEDS A CENTRALLY CONTROLLED MONETARY UNIT! AND A CENTRALLY CONTROLLED SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE’ ofcourse!
One very important aspect which is overlooked even by the alim in this century is the fact that it is only Allah SWT is Ar Razak i.e Allah SWT is the Lord that is responsible for giving His servant wealth ! By allowing ‘government’ through the mechanism of paper currencies and money in the form of ‘credit’ which can be created out of ‘fractional reserve’ formulae for banking institutions; the “Ar Razak “ now is the “Government” !! One of Allah SWT beautiful ‘NAMES’ were overtaken by this Capitalist!! Wanauzubillah !
3B-2 The Trade Guild System and the Qirad
The world at large before Capitalism Ideology took control was under what is known as a ‘Merchantile’ system of trade. Our Muslim Ummah were under the Syariah system in our Golden Age of Islam and the West and Europe as well as American Continent were under a ‘Merchantile’ system of trade and the use of gold and silver coins. The Middle Ages and even at the time of the Industrial Revolution, the trade have what is known as a ‘Association of Trade Guild System’ along side the Merchantile Law as the underlaying system of jurisdiction in matters of business and trade law. The west had copied our Syariah-based law’ also known as ‘Muamalat’ branch of the Syariah in matters of trade from their contacts with the Muslim world during the period in history known as the ‘The Dark Ages’ transforming this era into another era of “The Renaissance”[34]! This system of trade guilds are associations of businesses and the main purpose of these guilds is to harness businesses into collaborative effort in each of their type of business for providing skills and training for those interested in their field thus opening the door for entrepreneurship which is sorely lacking in the Capitalist system! . The impact of this Association of Trade Guilds to the whole economy cannot be over emphasised. These Trade Guilds provides the society the necessary training skills for the young to acquire skills from the ‘Masters’ in their area of trade and industry for the development of young entrepreneurs entering into trade and business so vital for the prosperity of the community and thus the country. It is this association of business with the provision of hands-on-trainning to young apperentice which is totally destroyed by the Capitalist ideology[35]!
As had been pointed out earlier, our ‘Muamalah’ branch of law in Syariah encompassed not merely the fiqh of trade and businesses but it also covers another important branch i.e ‘Akhlaq’ or the ‘Behaviour and Moral Law’;. Because of this, the Association of Trade Guilds in their evaluation of skills and technical know-how acquired by the Apprentice under their training program will incorporate criteria of ‘behaviour and moral’ standard which includes trustworthiness; character; religious adherence etc. This essential component which is very important fabric of an ethical business society is essentially missing ingredient in the Capitalist ideology! Ever one wonder all banking and financial loans in the Capitalist methodology –i.e their Banking and Finance institution must all be ‘collateralised’ ? Compare this with the Syariah-based methodology for funding businesses must either be in the form of participation and risk-sharing mode of financing of ‘Musyarakah’ or ‘Mudharabah’! (But ofcourse Syariah muamalah have other forms of financing mode other than these such as Ijarah etc). Ever one wonder why Islamic Banking fraternity till presently was not able to adopt these financing mode in their banking business not withstanding their conventional banking fraternity in the Capitalist ideology? Of course being a direct ‘photocopy’ of the Capitalist ideology; they too will not be able to put to practise this concept! Thus Islamic Banking in trying to appear to be ‘Islamic’ ; is but a poor imitation of the real Syariah muamalah! Islamic Banking is merely a pseudo-Syariah attempt by the Muslims in 1990s when at such time, Muslims bankers though very sincere in their undertaking to provide solution for the Muslim Ummah was not aware of the ‘deceptive’ motive nor thoroughly understand the implications of the Capitalist ideology! All categories of Muslims in that era – either they belonged to the learned from the religious schools or from the secular schools were not yet aware of what they had created! There are no ways Islamic Banking fraternity is capable of providing any solution to the current economic debacle! If at all, their Banking Industry will be the first to go under! Please take note of my claim and let us review it in the near future!
Let me take you to understand in point of history to where we are now standing. Our present Capitalist ideology and methodology was quite a recent development being started by the ‘Dajjal’ after the Second World War. The Capitalist Oligarchy replaces the what had been termed as the ‘Feudal System’ of Royal Monarchy in which- in the west was under the system of Monarchy and in our Muslim Caliphate the System of ‘Caliphs’. To the cry of the rhetoric of the French Revolution[36] of ‘Equality; Fraternity; Liberty’; all at once the Royal Monarchy system was overthrown by the so-called ‘people power’ at the purported and thrummed-up ‘cruelty’ of the Royal Monarchy System - this is what we were made to believe eh ? History relates to us the fact that in France King Louis XVI and his wife Maria Antionate were beheaded! A system of rule by Monarchy was overthrowned almost overnight to the cry of Parlimentary Constitutional Democracy rule of the government ‘By the People; For the People’! These are trumped-up rhetoric for the unsuspecting public who until today were still upholding these very principles dear! Little do they understand what had been destroyed and how we had all been ‘deceived’ into believing that the cry of ‘Democracy’ which was brought about by Capitalism Ideologist is essentially a ‘godless soceity’ one controlled by the Oligarchy Capitalist who now had gained so much success that the whole world is poised to be ruled by the ‘One-Eyed’ Dajjal as prophesised by our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW!
This is far from being a ‘conspiracy’ theories that need to be understood by our Ummah who shall be witnessing the day when the ‘Dajjal’ will be ruling over mankind in ‘the days like your day’ as prophesised by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.
To come back to the real implementation of the Gold Dinar economy; our alim and our learned have to come to realise these ‘deception’ that was so very intricately woven into the fabric of our society that our Muslim society today does not realised that we have all been ‘deceived’ in what our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW had termed as the ‘Age of Fitan’[37]!
3B-3 Zakat and The Resurrection of Baitulmal Institution as a Treasury of the Ummah
Another ‘pillar’ of Islamic faith is the giving of ‘Zakat’ as a yearly contribution to the eight (8) categories of people expounded by the Holy Quran. This had also been under much debate concerning whether the zakat can be given out using paper currencies now that we can safely conclude that the paper currencies of all countries in the world today are completely riba! Zakat had been promulgated by our Syariah and acknowledged by all mazhabs must be paid with something with ‘intrinsic value’ or ‘a’yn’ in Arabic Language[38]. Muslims as a result of our ulama’ in the last few centuries had given a ‘Fatwa’ that paper currencies are acceptable to be used as ‘money’ in our Syariah due to ‘darurah’[39]( emergency situation) was completely ‘deceived’ into paying our zakat with paper currencies! The ulama’ of these past few centuries have either completely misinterpret the hadith or that due to political reasons submitted to ‘Dajjal’ main agenda of world dominance through the introduction of paper currencies. With the advent of Western Political Powers after World War II and the fall of the Muslims Caliphate in 1924; the Muslim world in particular were broken up and was under political masters who had imposed and entrapped the Muslims; politically and ideologically into Capitalism and secularism. Their deception can well be seen in the construction of our Constitutional Laws of Malaysia as an example whereby the once Muslim ummah was under the Sultanate Rule was made to be merely head of each state with limited power. The Malaysian Constitution made the Sultan now to be mere “Religious Head of State” and the Syariah to be only applicable in Syariah Court under the state rule; even then only in matters of ‘family laws’!. Even the institution of ‘Baitulmal’ was not allowed to function as a Treasury proper for the state and the Muslims! The institution of ‘Baitulmal’ though was allowed to exist was made to be merely taking care of ‘Wakaf’ assets. Zakat is collected and distributed by institution called after the Enactment for collection of Zakat in the states! If this is not an ‘arm twisting strategy’ or ‘deception’ act - by the Foreign Rulers for Malaysia – The British; one cannot envision anything otherwise! The British Empire ruled over Malaya Archipelago from the years 1948 to 1957 and gave ‘independence’ to Malaysia in 1957. They were responsible for writing up the Constitution of Malaysia and now that we begin to see with ‘both our eyes’ ; these matters which was once goes unnoticed even by the most fervent Muslims should now be revisited!
I see the payment of zakat in the near future under the Gold Dinar economy to be given out in gold dinar and silver dirham Insya Allah in the very near future! Once our a’lim and ulama’ begins to unfold and understand their misinterpretations of the hadith on Syariah money and the kind of ‘deception’ that lead us now on the brim of world catastrophe; the resurrection of the institution of Baitulmal will be pivotal in the distribution of wealth again! Insya Allah.
The Real implementation of the Gold Dinar Economy will not happened until all of us, citizen of the world start realising our predicament! To the muslims in particular, they run the risk of being categorised as ‘munafiqun’ or worst their faith to Allah SWT will not be accepted by the Lord Himself ! - if we were unheeding to the call of eradication of riba practises! .
To conclude this paper I want to quote Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi taken from his book –Sultaniyya as follows :
In the light of our recognition that the whole kafir political discourse,mutatis mutandis is not only illogical but fatally irrational , that everything they say in fact stands for it’s opposite , that everything they do to put things right plunges us into greater suffering- it is against this background that we must return to the noble and illuminating constructs that were gifted to us by the Divine Creator and the Seal of the Messengers . may Allah be pleased with him’!Wassalam wrt wbrt.
[1] ‘Mencurah garam ke-laut’ means ‘to add salt to the sea water’! A meaningless effort.
[2] The fiscal stimulus bill being debated in Congress not only won't help the economy, it will make the recession much worse, says Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital. Schiff scoffs at the notion the economic decline is starting to level off and concedes no government action means a "terrible" recession. But the path of increased government intervention will lead to "unmitigated disaster," says Schiff, who gained notoriety in 2007-08 for his prescient calls on the housing bubble and U.S. stocks. The problem, he says, is the government is trying to perpetuate a "phony economy" based on borrowing and spending. With the U.S. consumer tapped out, the government is "now taking on the mantle" of consumer of last resort, he continues, predicting the bond bubble will soon burst - if it hasn't already - ultimately leading to a collapse of the dollar and an "inflationary depression worse than anything any of us have ever seen."

[3] Following the 2009 G20 summit, plans were announced for implementing the creation of a new global currency to replace the US dollar’s role as the world reserve currency. Point 19 of the communiqué released by the G20 at the end of the Summit stated, “We have agreed to support a general SDR allocation which will inject $250bn (£170bn) into the world economy and increase global liquidity.” SDRs, or Special Drawing Rights, are “a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund.” As the Telegraph reported, “the G20 leaders have activated the IMF's power to create money and begin global "quantitative easing". In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.”[1]

[4] We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption). ( سورة الحجر , Al-Hijr, Chapter #15, Verse #9)
[5] Sheikh Abdal Qadir – Technic De Banque and Sheikh Imran Hosein – Jerusalem in the Quran.
[6] Hadith narrated Al-Nawwas ibn Sam’an “…we said: Allah’s Messanger , how long will he ( Dajjal) stay on earth ? He said : For forty days, one day like a year, one day like a month , one day like a week and the rest of the days will be like your days…” ( Sahih, Muslim, Sunan, Tirmidhi)

[7] Hadith Abu Daud, Mishkat ‘ There will come a time, when you will not be able to find a single person in the world who will not be consuming riba. And if anyone claims that he is not consuming riba then surely the vapor of riba ( in another text the dust of riba) will reach him’

[8] The Prohibition of Riba in the Quran ms 96 ‘Ibn Abbas said: The first people to follow Dajjal will be seventy thousand Jews.........and among the signs of the release ( i.e the coming ) of Yajjuj and Maajuj.

[9] Umar ibn Khattab said : The last verse to be revealed was on riba, but Allah’s Messanger SAW was taken without having expounded it to us; so give up not onlt Riba but also Reebah (i.e whatever raises doubts in the mind about its rightfulness). - The Holy Land and Israel’s Riba-based Economy - Imran N. Hosein.

[10] The Caliphate was constitutionally abolished several months later, on 3 March 1924. the Sultan and his family were declared persona non grata of Turkey and exiled. Fifty years later, in 1974, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey granted descendants of the former dynasty the right to acquire Turkish citizenship.The fall of the Ottoman Empire can be attributed to the failure of its economic structure; the size of the empire created difficulties in economically integrating its diverse regions.

[11] “Fatwa on Money’” – deemed that paper currency is accepetable due to the Muslims are now in a state of ;emergency. –Prof Umar Ibrahim Vadillo
[12] Islamic Bankers agree that interest charged by commercial banks “is identical with the excess stipulated as an obligatory condition in the contract, which is one of the two types of usury prohibited by Islamic Shari’ah.” But they ignore any question about the possibility of Riba by deferment in the exchange and other transactions, so critical to understanding paper money. The Islamic Fiqh Academy established by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in its second session held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 22-28 December 1985, declared that “any increase or profit on a loan which has matured, in return for an extension of the maturity date, in case the borrower is unable to pay, and any increase or profit on the loan at the inception of the loan agreement, are both forms of usury (Riba), which is prohibited under the Shari’ah” (Ausaf Ahmed 1995, The Evolution of Islamic Banking. In Encyclopaedia of Islamic Banking, London: Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance. p.17).

[13] On 26th August 1789 came the declaration of rights of man which proclaimed equality before the National Assembly. It’s first article declared : ‘Man are born free and equal in rights;. There is in society a necessary equality of rights but there is also an indispensible inequality! The respect of this natural inequalities is one of the first duties of man living in a society! …this declaration in fact provided the means by which the Assembly on 5th November could smash the old order, abolish the clergy, for they no longer the clergy once they become citizens and abolish the hereditary nobility, their inheritance, their titles, liveried servants and private arms. The obligation of serfdom tying people by obligation to a particular land was also established. So it was within the new Republic of France, the roman catholic church on that day came to an end.-Technique of the coup De Banque.-Shaykh Abdalqadir As-Sufi page 38.
[14]The blessed Prophet conveyed to us the news received from Allah Most High that nine hundred and ninety-nine (999)out of every thousand (1000) in mankind would submit to that universal evil Gog and Magog dictatorship and would thus form ( a sub-systemic) part of their world-order

[15] The restoration of the muamalah is not an issue of a single individual ; it is an issue for a community. Muslims must organise themselves around community leaders and in their absence they must create their own.- Fatwa on Banking-Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo.
[16] Surah Al Baqarah ayat : 278-279 Al-Baqara (The Cow)
2:278 O you who have attained to faith! Remain conscious of God. and give up all outstanding gains from usury, if you are [truly] believers; [266]
Al-Baqara (The Cow)
2:279 for if you do it not, then know that you are at war with God and His Apostle. But if you repent, then you shall be entitled to [the return of] your principal : [267] you will do no wrong, and neither will you be wronged.

[17] Hadith Abu Daud, Mishkat ‘ There will come a time, when you will not be able to find a single person in the world who will not be consuming riba. And if anyone claims that he is not consuming riba then surely the vapor of riba ( in another text the dust of riba) will reach him’.
[18] The Prophet said, "You will follow the ways of those nations who were before you, span by span and cubit by cubit (i.e., inch by inch) so much so that even if they entered a hole of a mastigure, you would follow them." We said, "O Allah's Apostle! (Do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?" He said, "Whom else?"

[19]And what God has bestowed on His Messanger (and taken away) from the people of the townships-belongs to God-to His Messanger and to the kindred and orphans, the needy and the wayfarer; in order that it may not (merely) make a circuit between the wealthy among you. So take what the Messanger assigns to you and deny yourself that which he withholds from you . And fear God ; for God is strict in Punishment.
Surah Al Hasyr Ayat 7

[20] Narrated Ibn Shihab that Malik bin Aus said, "I was in need of change for one-hundred Dinars. Talha bin 'Ubaid-Ullah called me and we discussed the matter, and he agreed to change (my Dinars). He took the gold pieces in his hands and fidgeted with them, and then said, "Wait till my storekeeper comes from the forest." 'Umar was listening to that and said, "By Allah! You should not separate from Talha till you get the money from him, for Allah's Apostle said, 'The selling of gold for gold is Riba (usury) except if the exchange is from hand to hand and equal in amount, and similarly, the selling of wheat for wheat is Riba (usury) unless it is from hand to hand and equal in amount, and the selling of barley for barley is usury unless it is from hand to hand and equal in amount, and dates for dates, is usury unless it is from hand to hand and equal in amount"

[21] The importance of the correctness of the business and commercial contracts is such that the use of particular types of contracts will affect how society develops . A society where unjust contracts are allowed –i.e Riba – will produce a kind of society different from the one in which they are not allowed. This is the reason why contractual law is so important in the body of Islamic Fiqh. Almost two thirds of all Islamic fiqh concerns trade and business.Fatwa on Banking – Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo.
[22] Khalifah Marwan first mint the Islamic Dinar in the year 71H,
[23] Dalam Islam matawang sememangnya berkait rapat dengan kerajaan. Kajian Umar Vadillo ( 1996) menunjukan bahawa Al Qurtubi dalam Tafsir Al-Quran beliau telah memberi tafsir tentang ayat al Quran yang bermaksud :“ Wahai orang yang beriman! Patuhlah kepada Allah dan patuhlah kepada Pesuruh Allah dan mereka yang memerintah kamu” ( An-Nisa 3:59 ). Ayat tersebut merupakan perintah supaya umat Islam taat kepada pemerintah dalam tujuh perkara. Perkara pertama ialah penempaan dinar dan dirham dan yang lainnya ialah penepatan berat dan ukuran, keputusan mahkamah, haji, Jumu’ah, dua Hari Raya dan Jihad. Dalam kata lain, urusan dinar ialah urusan Keagamaan dan kedaulatan daulah Islam. Penggunaan dinar melambangkan kepatuhan kepada pemerintah Allah, bukan semata-mata urusan ekonomi ( Hakimi 1999).

[24] And what God has bestowed on His Messanger (and taken away) from the people of the townships-belongs to God-to His Messanger and to the kindred and orphans, the needy and the wayfarer; in order that it may not (merely) make a circuit between the wealthy among you. So take what the Messanger assigns to you and deny yourself that which he withholds from you . And fear God ; for God is strict in Punishment.Surah Al Hasyr Ayat 7
[25]The Islamic politi is called ‘Dawla’. The term appear only once in the Quran. As always with Divine Revelation one word can have enormous impact and effect on the Muslim society. ‘Dawla’ derives from the root dal-alif-lam and it means to change periodically, to take turns to alternate and to rotate. It also means to make victorious and let triumph. It also means to change, to circulate , to take counsel, to pass around. Sultanniya page 40. – Sheikh Abdal Qadir As Sufi
[26] Narrated Ibn Shihab
that Malik bin Aus said, "I was in need of change for one-hundred Dinars. Talha bin 'Ubaid-Ullah called me and we discussed the matter, and he agreed to change (my Dinars). He took the gold pieces in his hands and fidgeted with them, and then said, "Wait till my storekeepercomes from the forest." 'Umar was listening to that and said, "By Allah! You should not separate from Talha till you get the money from him, for Allah's Apostle said, 'The selling of gold for gold is Riba (usury) except if the exchange is from hand to hand and equal in amount, and similarly, the selling of wheat for wheat is Riba (usury) unless it is from hand to hand and equal in amount, and the selling ofbarley for barley is usury unless it is from hand to hand and equal inamount, and dates for dates, is usury unless it is from hand to hand and equal in amount"

[27] Islamic Dawla cannot exist without the commanding authority that establishes the essential matters. What are the essential matters ? Al-Qurtubi defines them in his great tafsir as being the authorisation of the two ‘Eids and the Jumu’a prayers …the guarantee that the dinar and dirham are sound in their purity and weight.-Sultaniyya page 105. Shaykh abdalqadir As-Sufi.
[28] 2:275 (Y. Ali) Those who devour usury will not stand except as stand one whom the Evil one by his touch Hath driven to madness. That is because they say: "trade is like usury," but Allah hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for Allah (to judge); but those who repeat (The offence) are companions of the Fire: They will abide therein (for ever). - English

[29] Trade isin itself a source of wealth. Rasullullah SAW said ‘9/10 of the provision comes from trade’ That is like saying that 9/10 of the generation of wealth comes from trade- Fatwa on Banking Prof Dr Umar Ibrahim Vadillo.
[30] Umar Vadillo-Fatwa on Banking page 8. ‘ when a dharurat status is claimed , the imperative action is to change the condition not to perpectuate it’
[30] The Importance of the Prohibition of riba in Islam – Imran N. Hosein page 9. The prevalence of riba itself confirms the sign given to believers by the Prophet SAW by which they can recognize the age of Fitan –the evil age of the evil Dajjal ( The falsa Jewish Messiah)!

[31] ‘At first , the Muslims used to avail themselves of the existing market most of which have been controlled by the Jews. –The Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Urbanization of Madinnah-Spahic Umar2005
Amal of Madina - Soon after his arrival in Madina al-Munawara and his establishment of a mosque there, the Prophet of Islam, salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, created a mosque and a new market there. He made clear by his statements and explicit injunctions that the market-place was to be a freely accessible space for everybody, with no divisions (such as shops) and where no taxes, levies or rent could not be charged. The Market is like a Mosque: ...The Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “Markets should follow the same sunna as the mosques: whoever gets his place first has a right to it until he gets up and goes back to his house or finishes his selling. (suq al-muslimin ka-musalla l-muslimin, man sabaqa ila shy’y fa-huwa lahu yawmahu hatta yada ‘ahu.)”.(Al-Hindi, Kanz al-’Ummal, V, 488, no. 2688)- Prof Umar Vadillo.

[32] Ibid. ‘ After selecting the site of the new market, the Prophet SAW said to the Muslims’ This is your market, it is not to be narrowed and no tax is to be collected from it. ‘ The system of occupying the market space followed the pattern of occupying the mosque space: he who came first occupied it and it remaind his until he wanted to leave.” - Ibnu Majah, Sunan Ibn Majah, Kitab al Tijarat
[33] The first thing is that we need to distinguish between trade and monopolistic distribution. Supermarket do not allow trade to happend. No one go there to trade- Sultaniyya-Shaykh abdalqadir As-Sufi.
[34] The Dark Ages is a term in historiography referring to a period of cultural decline or societal collapse that took place in Western Europe between the fall of Rome and the eventual recovery of learning.[1][2][3] Increased understanding of the accomplishments of the Middle Ages in the 19th century challenged the characterization of the entire period as one of darkness.[3]-wikipedia. The Renaissance (from French Renaissance, meaning "rebirth"; Italian: Rinascimento, from re- "again" and nascere "be born")[1] was a cultural movement that spanned roughly the 14th to the 17th century, beginning in Italy in the Late Middle Ages and later spreading to the rest of Europe. The term is also used more loosely to refer to the historic era, but since the changes of the Renaissance were not uniform across Europe, this is a general use of the term.

[35] Islamic Trade is a complete recipe to stimulate and encourage independent entrepreneurship. An Islamic society is not a society of employees. We know through literature that Muslims lived and worked organised in guilds. Belonging to a guild is the norm in Muslim societies. –Sultaniyya-Shakh abdalqadir As-Sufi.
[36] The French Revolution and the American Revolution which preceeded it , were moment so momentous in religious, political and economic history that it is as if an ‘iron curtain’ (build by Dzulkarnian) was breached and two very evil forces ( Yajjoj and Majjuj) was released in the world – Sheikh Imran Hosein -The Prohibition of Riba in the Quran
[37] Classic higher Islamic education in this ‘Age of Fitan’ seems to have acquired some strange deficiency making it difficult for so many classically trained Islamic scholars to perceived reality correctly -Sheikh Imran Hosein- The Prohibition of Riba in the Quran. Page 37.
[38] Zakat cannot be paid with a promise of payment.Zakat can only be paid with tangible merchandise, called in Arabic 'ain. It cannot be paid with a promise to pay or a debt, called in Arabic dayn.From the beginning the zakat was paid with dinars and dirhams. Most significant is that the payment of zakat was never allowed in paper money during all the ottoman period right until the fall of the Khalifate.Shaykh Muhammad Illish (1802-1881), the great maliki cadi,said that if you were to pay zakat with paper-money only its value as merchandise (dayn), that is, its value as paper can be accepted. Therefore, its nominal value is irrelevant as payment of zakat.
[39] Umar Vadillo-Fatwa on Banking page 8. ‘ when a dharurat status is claimed , the imperative action is to change the condition not to perpectuate it’


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