Tuesday, November 24, 2009

( By Hajjah Nik Mahani Binti Mohamad FCCA (UK); Director of Kelantan Golden Trade)
Clearly this is an age of deception! From the Muslim perspectives – we have lost all sense of judgement in accordance with our Syariah ( Islamic law) ever since the Muslim world embraced the Capitalist ideology and their system of governance . This development is very recent i.e since 1924 when our last Muslim Caliphate – The Ottoman Caliphate felled. The Capitalist ideology that began to rule the world completely since 1971 based on fiat monetary system of paper currency had imposed a legal tender onto the citizen of the world based on a deception that few amongst us today realized the implication thereof! Is it not a great deception that despite the cry of the supposedly freedom from the colonial masters to the cry of ‘MERDEKA’!; despite the constitutional democracy based on parliamentary electoral justice - A CENTRAL BANK was setup as the governor of THE NATIONAL CURRENCY only to imposed the anti-thesis of such purported freedom- a ‘ LEGAL TENDER’ legislation? By the imposition of a ‘legal tender’ through the use of these ‘fiat currencies’- citizen of the world today was forced by law of the state to use and accept the pieces of papers as ‘money’ ! This is the age of ignorance despite all the knowledge and advancement in science !
Not many amongst us today find this fact as a most intriguing phenomenon and not many amongst us care to even ponder over this fact. Many of us fail to understand the contradiction and this is where we citizen of this century failed miserably to be ironically - a FREE person ! Yes! despite that we now live in the most advanced age of technological development; many will dismissed this fact as something of any importance at all and they fail to understand that such acceptance of legal tender of the national currency meant that we have allowed others to govern or managed us and also the possibility of other power shaping and dictating our life! In other words our freedom as a ‘free man’ and ‘sovereign’ as a nation state have been manipulated simply through acceptance of a ‘legal tender’ of paper and plastic money and electronic money ! This is a statement of fact.
The legal strictures of Parlimentary Constitutional democracy deceptively encapsulate the rhetoric of the French Revolution cry of liberty ;fraternity and equality ! It is but a deceptive tool to fool the citizen of the world enticing them that the supremacy of governance can be placed into the hands of the elected representatives of the people called the ‘government ’ . Reducing the supremacy of Our Lord -The creator of all worlds - to merely an ‘impotent’ role of a set of ‘believes’. Thus enshrined in Malaysia a set of governing tenets rules for the Nation (Rukun Negara)- a set of general principles of common ‘believes’ encompassing all religious believes under one humanity! . The supremacy of Allah SWT for the Muslims; or the Lord of the World for the Christians and Jews –‘religions of the sky’ and this also means – all the Holy scriptures – The Quran; The Bible and The Taurat becomes useless to the people of our age! Can we not see this happening already under the cry of ‘democracy’ –the Capitalist methodology & ideology? One observation by a famed personality - George Bernard Shaw served to jolt our thoughts when he said “Democracy is about choosing just anybody by everybody!” The world today witness – man and women of low educational background; poor morality and cheats brought forth by the electoral polls into parliament becomes rulers governing over world citizen! How can there be liberty when citizen is compelled to accept national debt and national currency based on blind trust to the state government?. Where indeed is the so-called ‘FREEDOM’ that was promised us when our very own ‘sovereign’ was compromised? We citizen of the present age need to see through these deceptions that our embracing and acceptance of so-called ‘democratic’ Capitalist ideology and methodology into modern day framework of governance – comprising of everything that is symbolizes in this era of the so-called ‘enlightened era’ – symbolically represented by The National Flag and National Anthem; and the whole system of National army and soldiers standing proud in front of it symbolizes how citizen of the world this century was totally taken into believing that the Capitalist methodology and ideology works! The G-20 summit now taking place in Philedelphia and Turkey will see yet another step forward towards world dominance under one supreme governance – The New World Order! A reality which will be again deceptively trapped citizen of the world to lose all of our humanity if we do not wake-up!! The trappings of deception is only too clear - there should be logically one superpower that will be responsible for mankind to achieve everlasting peace and harmony in this world. A ‘God-like superpower’ will and should governed citizen of the world because we mankind separately are too irresponsible and too stupid to handle matters individually! Again, this moment in time will begin with a convergence of ‘currencies’; regional ones with representatives from the region- the most logical solution and it shall be hailed as the ‘most appropriate’ solution to the financial amargedon otherwise faced!
This point in time to the Muslim is the most defining moment of this century! The world today is at a standstill devoid of a comprehensive solution to end this great event which have yet to unfold the full extent of the disaster! From our Islamic Syariah perspectives; this event had been prophesised by our Prophet Muhammad SAW when in one of His saying narrated by Imam Bukhari “ The time shall certainly come over you when there will be nothing of value save a gold dinar and a siver dirham”!.
The Muslim perspectives on matters of bringing back the gold and silver specie as monetary units to be used by Muslims and non-Muslims have very far reaching consequences. To the Muslims; who have now beginning to see through the deceptions have now come to realized and unfold the mystery behind the last verse of the Al-Quran , delivered just five days before our Holy Prophet Mohamad SAW demised verse 278 and 279 Chapter 2 Al Baqarah – ‘Oh you who are believers! If indeed that you are true believers then rid yourselves of “riba”!’ and ‘If you do not do so; then be warned that your Lord and His Prophet declared “war” upon you….’! These verses of Allah SWT is very clear coupled with the declaration of sin in the practice of “riba”. The Muslims were told that the smallest ‘sin’ of riba or usury to be equated to 30 times act of fornication or similar to the sin of an ‘incest fornicator’!!
The Muslims of this age to be faithful to their tenets of Islam; is now jolted to the facts of the unfolding of the events around the world today and the kind of deceptions surrounding all issues of our life on planet earth today must take a radical stand; i.e in the right direction to the cry of ‘JIHAD’ in the matters of eradication of the practice of riba or usury practices. To stay relevant in this course one must not take an empathy stand! To empathise with some pseudo-Syariah compliant solutions such as the Capitalist Islamic solution will not solve any problem at all because Islam had already been declared as a ‘perfect religion’ and thus is no need to copy and imitate Capitalistic methodology and ideology! The Muslims have now come to realized the importance of resorting to gold and silver as monetary units is but the mere beginning of the New Golden Era of Islam promised to the world before the actual ‘ Great Destruction’!! To be con’td.

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